0920072.jpgMarshall Mathers II—better  known as Eminem the wannabe nigga—recently sued Apple for featuring one of his tracks in an iTunes Store ad without consent. In the ad, aired on MTV (who is also facing the music), Eminem’s Lose Yourself was belted out by a ten-year-old. (White, black, or confused, we don’t know.) Now the record company that owns the copyrights— Eight Mile Style, if you really want to know—is crying foul on behalf of the “Wigger”—and claiming about $10 million in damages. There were efforts to settle the deal out of court, but, etc. etc. and now both sides are readying themselves for a court battle. Incidentally, a number of Eminem’s tracks are available for sale on the iTunes store, and that’s another legal matter. Apple has had run-ins with the music industry earlier (pardon us for insinuating that Eminem’s stuff is music). They was sued twice by the Beatles’ music label Apple Corp. for using its name. Then there have been the lawsuits relating to restricting iTunes music to iPods  only… litigators just seem  to love the company. But it’s reciprocal. Let’s not get into that.

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