Wrong Foot Forward

Posted: October 10, 2007 in digit - Tabloid Tech
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Britney Spears—whom we vowed never to mention, but whom we’re mentioning because she’s in the news for the wrong reason—is in the news because she forgot her words. Now that’s as ghastly as it gets,

because she lip-syncs anyway. The recently-bald forever teen has quite a record on MTV’s annual Video Music Awards—remember the lip-lock with Madonna? Or the gyration with the snake? This year, she trotted about on stage apparently having rehearsed neither her steps nor her words. In any case, we’re not talking about music (our minds must be musically-challenged, because what “music” this lady peddles, we call bilge). We’re talking about traffic figures and download numbers, since we’re a tech magazine. What happened was that Britney being ever the Britney, people— from hormonal young girls to

neo-hormonal middle-aged men—are ever-interested in her. And not a handful: a record 2.6 million (half the population of Norway) in a single day. That was the number of visits to MTV.com, the Web site that hosted details of her performance, or antics, or bungled steps. Seven million video streams of the

performance have also been downloaded—another record for MTV. Like jaded smokers resolving every year, birthday, and festive eve to quit, we do declare: we shall not mention this über-bimbo again. Unless she takes up a course in AI, because that’s what she needs. Get it?

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