5 points know it !

Posted: November 10, 2007 in Do You Know?
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‘Argon’ comes form Greek Word

Argon, a gas without colour or odour, was discovered by Ramsey and Raleigh in 1894. Its name comes from Greek word for ‘idle’.

Rain During Thunderstorms

Conventional rainfall is the type of rain that falls during thunderstorms.

The first Adhesive Bandage

Earl Dickson, an employee of Johnson and Johnson designed the first adhesive bandage. He did it for his wife who used to have cuts. His company liked it began selling it in 1921. It is named Baned-Aid.

First Postage Stamp of Independent India

The first postage stamp of Independent India was issued on 21st Nov, 1947

Smallest Bird

The smallest bird is the bee humming bird


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