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Posted: December 13, 2007 in Do You Know?
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British Museum

The British Museum, the first national museum in England, was opened in 1753.


Codex is book form before the invention of printing. In ancient time ‘Codex’ was coated wooden tablets. Later folded sheets of parchment were attributed to the boards, then bound together. The term ‘Codex’ was used for all large works, collections of history, philosophy, poetry and collection of laws during the Roman Empire. The Medieval Christian Church began to use them to keep records, from about 1200 onwards.


The scientific study of caves is knows as Speleology.

Baily’s Beads

During solar eclipse we would see bright spots known as ‘Baily’s Beads’.

Carrier Of Malaria

In the Begumpet hospital in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Ronald Ross identified the carrier of malaria on 20 August 1879.


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