Whistling Wild Dogs

‘Chennaai’, the whistling wild dogs are found in the jungles of Tamil Nadu. Their average lifespan does not got beyond seven years.  Ten to twenty of these wild dogs chase the prey round and round in a select spot.  They communicate with each other by whistling.  Even a big bison cannot escape from a pack of whistling wild dogs.

Men With Average Intelligence Will Live Long

Two Bonn University (West Germany) psychologists studied a group of elderly people and reported that people of average intelligence who take a lively interest in things are more likely to live a long life.  Such people are more active, more adaptable and more positive in their approach to life.

First – Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

The first domestic vacuum cleaning equipment was made in 1905.  It was invented originally by the French Hubert Booth in 1901. It heralded sweeping changes in home maintenance.  This crude machine was soon replaced by the smaller electrically powered Trolley, by Vac and Hoover.

Dwaraka Submerged By A Rising Sea

Fresh archaeological evidence reveals that Dwaraka, the coastal town in Gujarat (Western India) where Lord Krishna is believed to have once ruled, was submerged by a rising sea around 1400 BC.

First One-Day International

The first officially recognized one-day international was held at Melbourne (Australia) on 05 January 1971 between Australia and England.  It was because of the cancellation of a rain-affected Test match. Australia won by 5 wickets.


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