Oldest Competitor In Wimbledon

Jean Borotra, a 66-year-old Frenchman was the oldest competitor in Wimbledon Tennis Championship. He played in 1964.

Film Debut Of Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar, Indian cricketer, made his film debut in Manohar Deepak’s 1976 Marathi film ‘Premachi Savli’.

Four National Flags

Usually, only one national flag is flown from any building but on the Parliament of India, four national flags are flown at anytime. Because of its huge circular structure without any central dome, there is no single highest point on this building where the flag could be hoisted. Therefore, four flags – one each in the East, West, North and South direction, are flown.

Star Trek

‘Star Trek’, a space film directed by Robert Wise received its world premiere in Washington D.C. on 6th December 1979. It was produced at a cost of 46 million dollars.

Ten Years to Build Suez Canal

It took Ferdinand de Lesseps, a French engineer, ten years to build the Suez Canal.


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