$0: Human; P2P: Divine

1120072.jpgWhen will the Internet community get mature? As in, when will they say “cease and desist!” to activities like the sharing of files (much in the manner of how young boys collect stamps) and actually use their proof-of-adult credit cards? UK rock band Radiohead decided to find out. It was a fusion of many things: good music (we presume), the desire to get going with Internet culture (they spell the album name three ways on the cover, including “IN RAIN_BOWS”), the noble emotion of not charging $20 or so for

a CD, and more. Here’s what they did: they released the album on their site—www.radiohead.com— and you could fill in any amount you wanted in the “pay” box. About a third of the first million downloaders did the square thing and paid nothing. Some misguided fans paid more than $20. The average? An impressive $8. (a) What those who paid more than $20 thinking, is our open question to our readers. Another open question:(b) 2.4 lakh people got the album off BitTorrent on the day of release; why?

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