Lessons In Life After Linda?


We mentioned last month that Sir Paul McCartney doesn’t use ATMs or e-mail. But that doesn’t seem to stop people from listening to and playing his songs, and even imitating him. Now the mail-free Macca has signed a deal with NowPlayIt.com, a downloadable video training service, to hold budding bass players

through his tutorials. The anti-Net Knight has already recorded his first tutorial for his song Ever Present Past, from his recent album Memory Almost Full. Other artists who have contributed tutorials to the site include Blur, Athlete, Placebo, and KT Tunstall. (Like you’ve heard of them.) The tutorials themselves onsists of 30- minute lessons—from the songwriting process to playing drum patterns, everything is explained in £4 videos. So is this to aid the cause of his divorce compensation? £60 million is a reasonable igure, we must say. But then we have no idea, really, how much the man has in his right royal bank account, and besides, it could well be the simple desire to share sought-after knowledge. Whatever the case, one can now officially say one learnt it from Paul!

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