Wallpaper Woman Wields Wiimote

Posted: December 27, 2007 in digit - Tabloid Tech

0920073.jpgRecognise the picture? That’s Jessica Alba. She’s featured on your wallpaper at some point or the other—if you’re a reasonably  red-blooded male, that is. If you aren’t—or if you’re female—you’ll need a line of an introduction: Ms Alba is an actress. She starred in Fantastic Four, Dark Angel, and other movies. In addition, Jessica the  natural brunette (!) has been dubbed the sexiest woman in the Milky Way or some such epithet by practically all the authorities out there: FHM,  Maxim, AskMen.com, and even Playboy. Which is over the top— she’s just a good-looking woman, especially on wallpapers. Then, someone seems to have done body scans of her (and why not?), and characters that look just like her (she’s said this is “completely cool and bizarre”) have been spotted on the games based on those movies. But Ms Alba hasn’t just been featured (in a sense) in games, she also plays them. Quite a bit, apparently. She loves the Nintendo DS, and now, the Wii. Body movements translate into movements in the game, see? So that’s her exercise plan… As a matter of fact, her favourite is Wii Sports, which includes baseball and tennis games; an hour of this at the Wii burns quite a few calories. Women gamers are hard to come by, and celebrity gamers are hard to come by, too. Now take the two and you have a woman celebrity gamer— rare indeed! Seriously, it’s refreshing to see a body-based celebrity whose first and last attribute is not the curves.



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