Posted: January 3, 2008 in digit - Little Helpers
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Those things in Word like “December (Press Enter to Insert)” are more of a pain in the behind than anything else. What you need is Texter to enter oft-used text (hence the name). So just assign a word like “addr” to a block of text—like your address—and  hen you type in “addr”, your address is all typed out for you. This saves time, and  more importantly, relieves thefrustration of doing mindless  things. For the programmers out there: apart from basic text replacement, Texter has a set of predefined variables you can use to generate dynamic content (like the current date). For example, %| will assign the place to where the cursor should return to after text is replaced, as in, if you create a macro with the text block “Digit %| Is The Coolest”, the cursor willposition itself between “Digit” and “Is”. Typing “{Tab}” will insert a tab where you need it. You can even combine variables. Just to give you an idea of what Texter can do, you can highlight text and paste it elsewhere without having to do a copy-paste operation. You’d have to construct a simple macro: “^c %c {Space}”. Here, “%c” is a predefined variable that means “paste clipboard contents along with a pre-defined block of text” to Texter. Find Texter on our August 2007 CD.

– Asfaq Tapia


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