Here’s a lightweight open source program to quickly open any file on your computer. It’s as unobtrusive as possible: it’s invisible. Press [Alt] + [Space] and it pops up. So here’s the idea: say you want to open an Excel file buried where no mouse has gone before, begin entering the name of your desired file in the Launchy window, and possible matches will come up. Home in on your file and launch it right from the Launchy window— hence the name! The program learns from past keystrokes, so as you keep using it, you’ll find you need to press fewer keys before you find your file. Even if Launchy doesn’t find a matching file, it will show you a list of all files that somewhat match what you’ve typed. Now Launchy doesn’t do black magic (or, to be racially neutral, blue magic). It indexes files, of course. To be able to find files of a certain extension, you need to first index those: for example, if you add the .EXE extension, programs will be indexed. In addition, stuff in the Start Menu is indexed by default. If you’re using this popular program at your workplace, you can index files on your intranet as well. Find Launchy on our March 2007 DVD.

 -Asfaq Tapia


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