Posted: January 5, 2008 in digit - Little Helpers
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Now if you need macros for just about any action, you need AutoHotkey. You could use it to replace blocks of text, but going beyond, you could do things like open your browser and several sites under tabs, make multiple directories, and shut down your computer after a download or copy action—in the blink of an eye. AutoHotkey, as you can see, takes macros to a new level. The program incorporates another one called Auto- ScriptWriter, which allows you to record macros. These can then be replayed. So you start up this program, press Record, do various actions, and press Stop. Then, playing back the macro will do all those various actions. We created a macro to capture screenshots  and save them with IrfanView, in the .TIFF format, on the Desktop. Behind the scenes, Auto- ScriptWriter creates a macro file that contains the code for what is to be done. Find that macro—and the program itself—on our May  2007 CD. Naturally, you can write your own macros. Learn about it at

 -Asfaq Tapia

  1. It can be difficult to remember all the hotkeys linked to your macros. Everything is different with an overlay keyboard (like the Enterpad). Pressing the right labeled key will instantly generate the hotkey which will start the right macro.

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