Across-platform calendar software, Rainlendar is chockfull of all those much-needed everyday features like to-do lists, alarms, search capabilities, and printing support, apart from the expected calendar. The software uses the official standard for calendar data exchange set by the Internet Engineering Task Force Calendaring and Scheduling Working Group, called iCalendar, so you can easily import and export entries between calendars. You can set up recurrent alarms, to-do entries, and calendar entries to record recurring events like birthdays, anniversaries, or the signing of an attendance register at work. The Lite version is free; Pro costs 􀀀15 (Rs 850). The difference is that in the Lite version, there is no support for Outlook, Google Calendar, or calendars shared on a network. Both versions support the Lua scripting language, thereby allowing you to extend the calendar’s functionality. Eye-candy comes in the form of the tons of skins available. Find Rainlendar Lite on our May 2007 DVD.

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