Installing Solaris

Posted: April 4, 2008 in Tech Q&A
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Q. I have a Compaq Presario PC with Windows XP pre-installed on it. The partitions of my 40 GB hard disk are 37 GB (NTFS) and 2.7 GB (FAT32). I want to install Solaris 8 on my machine. When I boot the Solaris kernel, it gets terminated and the system gets restarted. Is there a problem with my BIOS, which is not allowing the kernel to run on it?

A. The installer is probably having some problems with the 40 GB hard disk. The OS does not support disks beyond 32 GB, as documented on the Sun Web site. Your BIOS probably does support the drive, as Windows XP is installed and running on it. One workaround to this is to get another smaller
hard disk and install Solaris on it, install the patches for Solaris that enable support for large disks, then reconnect the 40 GB drive. Another possible workaround is to install Solaris 8 on a smaller hard
disk and then connect the 40 GB drive, but disable it in the BIOS. You could also try setting the drive to 32 GB in the BIOS and installing the operating system.


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