Mobile Setting:

Settings  >  Connectivity  >  Packet data conn.  >  When needed

Settings  >  Connectivity  >  Packet data settings.  > Active Access Point  >

Settings  >  Connectivity  >  Packet data settings.  > Edit Access Point  >




To 53733 to activate bsnl gprs facility

BSNL will send service / sim message commonly called configuration settings as per your mobile handset automatically

Like …

*bsnlmms, *bsnlportal, *bsnlgprs, *bsnlwap, *bsnlportal, …


By this following web address :


Settings  >  Configuration  >  Default Config Sett.  > bsnlwap (select from list and list will be sent by bsnl)

Settings  >  Configuration  >  Preferred Access Pt.  >  BSNL Internet

Computer Settings:First Stepmobile_internet (2)mobile_internet (2)mobile_internet (3)mobile_internet (4)

  1. Nitin sharma says:

    hello sir I am using BSNL sim in Nokia 7610. I want to connect internet through my mobile to my pc but i dont know how to connect please help me out.

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