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0920073.jpgRecognise the picture? That’s Jessica Alba. She’s featured on your wallpaper at some point or the other—if you’re a reasonably  red-blooded male, that is. If you aren’t—or if you’re female—you’ll need a line of an introduction: Ms Alba is an actress. She starred in Fantastic Four, Dark (more…)


Lessons In Life After Linda?


We mentioned last month that Sir Paul McCartney doesn’t use ATMs or e-mail. But that doesn’t seem to stop people from listening to and playing his songs, and even imitating him. Now the mail-free Macca has signed a deal with, a downloadable video training service (more…)

$0: Human; P2P: Divine

1120072.jpgWhen will the Internet community get mature? As in, when will they say “cease and desist!” to activities like the sharing of files (much in the manner of how young boys collect stamps) and actually use their proof-of-adult credit cards? UK rock band Radiohead decided to find out. It was a fusion of many things: good music (we presume), the desire to get going with Internet culture (they spell the album name three ways on the cover, including “IN RAIN_BOWS”), (more…)

No News Is Good News!

1120071.jpgAwise man once said: “Boredom indicates a temporary disconnect with the universe.” And well, since we’re trying to disconnect you with the universe anyway on this page, why not do it the direct way and bore you outright by telling about yet another leaked Internet video? Warning: Some of the “information” below is made up. Reader discretion is advised, (more…)

Britney Spears—whom we vowed never to mention, but whom we’re mentioning because she’s in the news for the wrong reason—is in the news because she forgot her words. Now that’s as ghastly as it gets,

because she lip-syncs anyway. The recently-bald (more…)

1020072_resize_resize.jpgLetters are so 1980. And why go about with your pockets stuffed with cash when you have ATMs at every treet corner? Guess what: it’s not only in the unconnected Third World that people still rely on quaint things like letters and paper money. Some Knights of the British Empire do, too. Macca a.k.a. Sir Paul— he cute Beatle, in case you’ve taken a cue from the Bat and (more…)

1020071.jpgFrom vigilante of Gotham City to deepcover espionage agent is not much of a leap. Christian Bale, who tarred as the caped crusader in Batman Begins, is reportedly in the running for the role of the protagonist olid Snake in the screen adaptation of Metal Gear Solid. The movie will be released in 2009. For those who aven’t heard of Metal Gear Solid: it’s a game in which a shadowy group of terrorists develops a uclearpowered bipedal war machine, and kidnaps a bunch of high officials. (more…)