January 2007

Same Age

A Judge asked a women her age.

“Thirty” she replied.

“You have given that age in this court for the last three years.

“Yes Sir, I am not one of those who says one thing today and another thing tomorrow”.

Under what account

The managing director of a company wanted the chief accountant of his company to put the funeral expenses of his father under the company account. When the chief accountant asked under what head this amount could go, the director replied, “put it under packing and forwarding account”.

Traveling salesman

Superintendent: I is our custom to let prisoner work at the same trade here as he did outside. Now what is your trade: shoemaker, blacksmith…?

Prisoner: No sir, I was traveling Salesman

I was just trying

Teacher asked in anger: “What is the idea? You yawned seven times, while I was talking to you”. “I did not”, he said, “I was just trying to say something”.

Mother tongue

Son: Daddy why do people call the language they speak their mother tongue’?

Father: Because fathers never get a chance to use it.


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