May 2007

Lazy To Make Two Trips

“Why is it that you carry only one plank while everyone else carries two?”

“I guess”, replied slow joe, “they are just too lazy to make two trips like I do.”


Lawyer Says ‘I Cannot’!

Two friends, who had not seen each other for some time, met. One was on crutches.

“Hello”, said the other.  “What is the matter with you?”

“Streetcar accident”, said the man on crutches.

“When did it happen?”

“Oh, about six weeks ago”.

“And you still have to use crutches?”

“Well, my doctor says I could get along without them, but my lawyer says I cannot”.


Very Big

Father : Suppose a lion was chasing you, what steps would you take?

Son (Surprised) : Very big ones!


Answers Are Tough

Teacher : Questions in this test are easy.

Student : Yes, I know; but the answers are tough.


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