October 2007

Let Us See The Menu First

Housewife : “I will give you dinner if you chop up that pile of wood”, said the housewife to the beggar.

Beggar: “Let’s see the menu first.


District Attorney

An honest citizen on jury : “Your honour, I could not serve on the jury. One look at that man there convinces me he is guilty”.

Judge : “Keep quiet! that is the district attorney”.


Since I Was A Puppy

Psychiatrist : “You think you are a dog.  How long have you been subject to this dangerous imagination?”

Patient : “Ever since I was a puppy”.


Never Yawn All At Once

Actor : “When I came out on the stage the audience sat there open-mouthed”, boasted the actor.

Rival said : “Oh”, “audiences never yawn all at once.”.


Watch The Clock

Boss : “What is the idea of coming late every morning?”

Employee : “You have trained me not to watch the clock in the office, now I am in the habit of not looking at it at home”.


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