September 2007

We are Cheats

Manager of Drapery Store: “What do you mean by arguing with that lady? Let her have her own way. Remember, a customer I always right”

Assistant: “But she said we are cheats”.

Looks Like 6

Customer: A man went into a pawnbroker’s shop and asked for loan. The proprietor offered to give the loan but would charge 9 percent interest. The customer objected to such high rate.

“9 percent, said he, “is excessive; it is neither a right nor lawful rate. Don’t you known the Lord looks down on such questionable transactions as this?”

Pawn Broker: “Very well, my friend, but when the Lord looks down on 9 it looks like 6”

Still Hungry

Street Performer: “Ladies and gentlemen”, shouted a street performer, “in few moments I will astonish you by eating coal, stones and nails. I will come round with a hat, hoping to get enough money for a piece of bread”.

Voice form Crowd: “Still hungry?”

Dramatic Manner

Man: A man applied for an opening at a London theatre, “I enclose a newspaper cutting” he said “to show you I have an aptitude for the stage.

The cutting read as follows: “The prisoner, who denied the assault, conducted his own case and defended himself in a dramatic manner”.


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